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Friday, October 24, 2014

Veteran Moms - Their Toughest Mission

New Beginnings

Why We Support SSW

Linda Franklin's Shining Service Makeovers

Veterans Day at Bloomingdale's 59th:


Shopping Spree with David Zyla:


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Fleet Week 2013:

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President's Day 2013 Makeover:

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Shining Service Worldwide™

Our work is based on the principle that if you empower a woman and give her the proper tools, she will be equipped for life after her military service.

Shining Service Makeover Mission

Our Makeover Mission provides a very significant step toward achieving the goal of SSW which is to change the course of these women’s lives. Although the program seems simple on the surface, the purpose and lasting effects are both powerful and complex. The participants will be treated to a day of beauty and relaxation, which most have never experienced primarily because they’ve spent most of their adult life putting their country and family’s needs before their own. These women walk into the salon quiet and withdrawn and walk out proud and outspoken.

After the salon, the ladies are treated to lunch where they are given the opportunity to bond with their military sisters and get to know and trust the SSW team. Once these ladies recognize their worth and know they can trust us, they begin to break the walls down and are open to taking the next step on their journey to independence and reintegration. We present each woman with a gift bag filled with products and information that can help them reconnect with their feminine power. They will leave the event knowing that there are programs available to them and the SSW team can provide them the support and offer them the programs they need to succeed.

Our inspirational beauty events are featured in first class salons and spas in and around the tri-state area.

Here is what one female veteran says about her experience:

“My new job is a great part in thanks to Shining Service! I met Theresa, who works for JP Morgan, at the last Red Door event. We exchanged contact information at the event and I expressed to her that I was seeking employment. I followed up with her, and she connected me with one of the recruiters at Morgan, I submitted my resume, went on an interview, and the rest is history! I will be starting at JP Morgan in May.

So many, many, many, thanks to Shining Service for creating not only an environment for us to honor veterans but also a space for veterans to connect and network. If it hadn't been for Shining Service, I may not have ever met Theresa.”

-- Jaylin

Shining Service Worldwide™ is proud to be a special project under the umbrella of our Fiscal Sponsor, United Veterans Beacon House, Inc, a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing transitional housing to our nation’s veterans.

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